Bad Fox Motorcycle Club


About The Club:

Bad Fox Motorcycle Club is a large collective of NFT fans who are working to innovate on what is possible with a Web3 brand. We do diverse forms of fund redistributions, integrations into various games/metaverses, and we develop tools that benefit everyone on Cardano.

Collections & Utilities

2D Fox

Supply 1,722

2D Motorcycle

Supply 861

Bad Key

Supply 2,139

Staking Rewards

Royalty Rewards

Access to Tools

3D Airdrops

3D Fox

Supply 6,000

Game/Meta Asset (avatar)

File Custody & IP Ownership

3D Motorcycle

Supply 3,000

Game/Meta Asset (vehicle)

File Custody & IP Ownership

Ben Elferink

Ben Elferink

Founder / Fullstack Developer

I started my career as Fullstack Developer in 2020 & have been involved in the crypto & NFT space since 2021. I do most of the work around here.

David Minkov

David Minkov

2D Artist

I'm an artist from a young age, and this is my first time being in the CNFT space, I'm excited to work on the 2D art for Bad Fox MC!



Director of Vibes

I use creative thinking as a means of expression. This helps me to connect dots and build bridges from one point to another. What is a "Director of Vibes"? Look at it as a less formal version of Community Manager. I'm here to coordinate the community vibes and connect with the people!