Bad Fox Motorcycle Club


About Bad Fox MC

Bad Fox Motorcycle Club is a community driven NFT Project. The team comes from some of the best projects on Cardano and the core of the community is comprised of close friends we've met along the way.

In terms of utility, BFMC will be rewarding all holders passively with ADA, and will (later on) have a burn event allowing participants to get lifetime access to metaverse content and assets.


Dot Dot Labs


Q1 2022

Build a Team

Start Drawing the Fox Collection

Plan Potential Collaborations

Q2 2022

Launch Twitter & Discord

Develop Official Website

Build Community (Events and Competitions)

Finalize the Fox Collection

Start Drawing the Motorcycle Collection

Increase Marketing and Exposure

Q3 2022

Launch 1st Collection: Fox

ADA Payouts to Fox Holders

Announce Official Partnerships

Continued Work on the Motorcycle Collection

Start Work on the 1st Avatar Collection: 3D Fox

Q4 2022

Launch 2nd Collection: Motorcycle

ADA Payouts to Motorcycle Holders

Burn Event (3D Keys)

Develop Floor in the MetaView Tower

Q1 2023

Distribute $CLAY tokens

Airdrop 1st Avatar Collection: 3D Fox

Start Work on the 2nd Avatar Collection: Vox Fox

Purchase Lands in Various Metaverses

Q2 2023

Airdrop 2nd Avatar Collection: Vox Fox

Status Update on Land Developments

Stay Tuned..! (More Coming)

Ben Elferink

Lead Developer / Marketing / Brains

I'm a Fullstack Developer with several years of experience, and have been involved in the CNFT space since mid-summer 2021. Aside from my personal portfolio, I have also helped build several communities at their early stages.

David Minkov

Lead Artist

I have 2 years of experience in graphic design, and am an artist from a very young age. I just dived into the CNFT space, and am very excited to work on Bad Fox MC!

Christian Mitrev


I'm an artist with 2 years of experience, and am a stock/crypto trader with 3 years of experience. I helped form the team behind Bad Fox MC, and have invested in the tools required to produce our product!

Franco Martin (aka Leap)

Community Manager / Collab Mananger

I'm in college studying multimedia arts and I do crypto/nfts for fun and as extra income. I am new in the CNFT space and this is among the first projects that I joined. Love the team and the community! Really grateful for this experience and opportunity.