Bad Fox Motorcycle Club


What is Bad Fox Motorcycle Club?

Bad Fox Motorcycle Club is a large collective of NFT fans who are working to innovate on what is possible with a PFP project, currently planning diverse forms of fund redistribution to the community and integrations into various metaverse projects such as Cornucopias.


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Ben Elferink

Founder / Fullstack Developer

I'm a Fullstack Developer with several years of experience, and have been involved in the cNFT space since mid-summer 2021. Aside from my personal portfolio, I have also helped build several communities at their early stages.

David Minkov

Co-Founder / Lead Artist

I'm an artist from a very young age, and a graphic designer since 2020. I just dived into the cNFT space, and am very excited to work on Bad Fox MC!

Chris Mitrev

Co-Founder / Artist

I'm an aspiring artist, and was previously a stock/crypto trader. I helped form the team behind Bad Fox MC, and have invested in the tools required to produce our product.

Crib King (4042)

Community Manager

I'm an artist by nature. I love to take this and that and combine them to make something even better. I've been in the crypto space since late 2020 and been in the CNFT space since inception. I know this is the place for me!


Blockchain & Fullstack Developer

I'm a programmer who has been minting NFT projects on cardano since September 2021. Over that time, I have been a part of many successful teams such as OGBears and Filthy Rich Horses. I love everyone who is part of the cardano community and now it feels like a small family to me.