Bad Fox Motorcycle Club

How to play?

  1. Download the app.
  2. Connect your wallet using the OGB website.
  3. In the app, tap on the PFP and select a 3D Fox.
  4. Start playing!

Game rules

There are 2 types of players:
  • Guests / Non Holders: They can play, but their score won't be posted to the leader boards, and they won't be able to win any rewards.
  • 3D Fox / OGBear Holders: These players have at least 1 3D Fox NFT or at least 1 OGBears NFT. They can play the game and record their scores + win rewards.
Profile and Avatars:
  • Once you are connected, you can edit your display name and your PFP.
  • If you select a 3D Fox PFP, a fox is spawned in-game. A bear will be spawned by default.
  • Personal avatars will be supported in a future game update.
  • Rewards can be for any number of places on the leaderboard.
  • Rewards are tied to a season. Every season can have multiple different rewards (NFTs, tokens, whitelist spots etc.)
  • Eventually the rewards will be replaced with OGBears's $SALMON token.
  • Rewards will need to be distributed manually at 1st.
  • A season is a time-based competition model.
  • Season start & end date can be setup from the back-end.
  • Season rewards can be setup from the back-end.
  • Season partners can be changed from the back-end, we can play against other communities.
  • Each season will have its own leaderboards and rewards.